Frequently Asked Questions...

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Q.1. Why do I need your services, surely I can do it on my own?

You absolutely can do it on your own but chances are if you’re looking at this website you haven’t done yet for whatever reason. There’s no judgement only support, expert advice and practical help to begin your decluttering or home staging journeys. We have adapted many years of experience to suit individual client’s needs and ensure our recommendations are suited to your lifestyle and goals for your home.


Q.2. I am a self-confessed hoarder, I’m embarrassed by how I’ve let things get, you will never have seen a home like mine before.

First thing to remember is we never judge people. If you feel you are ready to make a change in your home as it no longer makes you feel relaxed, tranquil, calm and you’re no longer able to enjoy being in the places you used to love then we can help you achieve this once again.


A very close family member of mine is a self-confessed hoarder and I have helped them to declutter and organise over the years. Some people take longer to adapt habits they’ve developed over many years and that’s ok we will work at your pace. On occasion more expert advice is needed to process the reasons why we hoard to overcome them at their root cause. We can recommend experts in this field to you if you wish. We can then move on to begin the decluttering and organisation process.


Q.3. My whole house needs sorting and I’m overwhelmed.

We can prioritise areas in your home as big or small as you want to begin with and ensure your steps are manageable and achievable so you can see progress. We can help you every step of the way if you wish or get you started, set up a plan and give you time to implement it and revisit you when you’re ready for the next step.


Q.4. Are you confidential?

We’re a completely confidential service; we do not share your details without your consent to any company, website or any social media platform.  We never take or post pictures on any website or social media platform without your consent (we follow all GDPR guidelines).


We are aware that some paperwork we come across will contain sensitive and personal data or information; we never discuss anything we might happen to catch a glimpse of with anyone. Where possible, we ask you to decide what category the paperwork would need to be filed under so there is less need for us to see or read personal papers. If you prefer we can discuss categories for filing and you can complete this independently.


Q.5. Do you have to take photos?

No, it’s totally up to you, it’s your home. If you would rather us take just after photos we can do, or if you’d rather we don’t take any photos that’s absolutely your choice.


It obviously helps us to show others before and after photos when they’re deciding whether or not to enlist our services. You probably looked at our photos before making the decision to contact us, so we always appreciate you allowing us to take photos. We never say who the client is, usually only their first initial and the town they’re in. If you’d rather be completely anonymous we can only post details of the room type and the work we carried out.


Q.6. My house is clean and nicely decorated but behind cupboard doors and drawers I need some help to become more organised.

We tailor our services to suit your needs, if it’s just organising strategies you need we can create a bespoke plan for you and either help you to bring it to fruition or allow you to follow the plan to organise yourself after your initial consultation.


Q.7. What happens if I let things slip and my house becomes cluttered again?

We are only human at the end of the day and sometimes life takes over, it’s important not to beat yourself up over it, contact us again and we can tweak your plan to meet your new challenges and lifestyle challenges and revisit if you’d prefer.

Q.8. Why do I find being organised so overwhelming?

Did you know it’s scientifically proven that it can take up to six months to get used to a change and fully adapt to it? We all have slip ups from time to time, where we just put something down not in its home and plan to move it later and it doesn’t quite make it there.


We ensure our organisation methods are easy to follow, time efficient and effective so you are more likely to use them in your day-to-day routines and they become habit.


Q.9. Are you going to throw all my things away?

We always work with you not against you, your needs are our priority throughout the process. We do ask you to think if you kept everything how it would make you feel? After all you called us to help for a reason.

We consider a few things before deciding whether or not you need to re-home things. Ask yourself:

Do I love it?

Do I need it?

Do I use it regularly (at least once every 6 months)?

Is it sentimental to me and makes me happy to have it in my life?

Q.10. What do I do with things I decide I no longer need?

We are very aware of our environmental impact and believe most things can be sold, repurposed, rehomed, re-gifted and recycled. There are some items that unfortunately might need to be thrown away but we try to keep these to a minimum.


Selling, there are various ways to do this from specialist dealers, eBay, Facebook selling pages, selling apps and car boots/table top sales. We can provide assistance with some of these if you need us to depending on the item. We can discuss this during visits. (Please note additional fees apply.)


Repurposed, you’ll be amazed how moving an item in a room or even to a different room can have a completely different feel to it. Most clients have beautiful pieces that just need looking at in a different way with a fresh set of eyes and styling together.


Rehomed, for those items you wish to give away there are many different ways you can do this from charities, refuges, food banks, friends and family to name a few. If you do not wish to do this yourself or are unable to we can provide assistance with donating to charity shops and refuges or food banks (a small additional travel fee will be added).


Recycled, as the word suggests we can use your recycling collections at your home to recycle things no longer needed. The council tips allow you to go up to 4 times in a month for free (Northampton County Council) in your own vehicle to dispose of items. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with this as we do not have the relevant waste disposal licences.


Throw away, as a last resort we have to throw some unsuitable items away. Most items will fit in your normal household waste bin. If you need more space to throw items away we would suggest you use your local council tips for free (under council guidelines), hire a skip or pay a certified waste disposal tradesperson to legally dispose of your unwanted items. We always recommend you take down their registration plate, name, address and a screen shot of their documentation/licence for disposal. This protects you against illegal fly tipping as the law unfortunately only on your side if you have done everything in your power to ensure your items are disposed of legally.


Q.11. How long will it take?

This question is a bit like how long is a piece of string? There are many variables that will impact the length of time decluttering, organising or home staging will take. We ask that you think realistically about your expectations, if it’s taken years or months to accumulate clutter it will take longer than an hour or two to make change and have a positive impact on your space.


We ask you to think about which steps you’d like us to help you with, the initial plan and declutter, the organisation, the redesign and home staging or to be with you to take things one step at a time with small manageable goals. We can support you as much or as little as you feel you need.


Q.12. Do I have to do everything at once?

Again, it’s tailored to your requirements, if that’s what you want then absolutely, equally if you’d rather work with smaller more manageable goals we can create those too.


Only you know whether blitzing through would suit you best (booking a weekend(s) or week in school holidays), working over a longer period of time (usually over a month) with revisits at various stages or a longer term plan (usually over three months) with revisits throughout.


Q.13. How do I book?

See our ‘Prices and Plans’ page for specific costing and plan details.


Call us, email or contact us through our Facebook page. We offer a no obligation, complementary 15 minute audial or video consultation, during which we often discuss areas you’d like to focus on, what you hope to achieve from the process, what works well for you in your home and what is currently causing you stress in your home?


Then it’s down to you to decide what plan will best suit your needs. Once decided we will agree a time for your initial consultation and create your bespoke plan. After that, you will decide what plan suits your needs based on our recommendations for decluttering/organisation/redesign or home staging.


Q.14. Why should I use your services over others?

It is important you choose a company that feels right for you and your home. We say trusting your gut is often the best way. We ask that you look at our transformations page and read our client testimonials to see if our services are right for you.


We’re really passionate about decluttering, organising, redesigning spaces and home staging. We truly believe that our services and plans help people to improve their homes as well as their mental wellbeing, as studies have shown an organised home leads to a calmer mind and can reduce stress.


We are friendly, supportive, encouraging, motivating, good listeners and patient. We use a ‘firm but fair’ approach where needed.


Q.15. What happens when you come to my home for the initial consultation?

All clients are sent a questionnaire to complete after the deposit is paid and the initial consultation is booked in. You can either email us back the answers or we can print these for you and send in the post. We ask that they are completed at least one week before we are due to visit your home. This gives us time to look at your responses and better understand your needs. Experience has shown us that answering these questions as honestly as possible gives us the best insight to your needs and helps us to form our bespoke plans/reports for you along with our visit to your home.


We will set your goals together, show us the key areas in your home that you wish to prioritise, with your permission we might take photos to help us create our report, measurements to allow us to recommend appropriate storage solutions or design elements, we will discuss any time restraints and book in appropriate starter sessions.


When booking home staging for resale, we will ask for details of your estate agent (if you have one), you would need to give them your consent to liaise with us about your house and where they’re at with the sale so far, this enables us to be on the same page so to speak.


After 7-10 working days we will give you your written report either by email (we try to be paperless where possible) or we can print it out upon your request and post it to you. We give you as much time as you need to digest this and ask that you contact us once you are ready to move onto the next stage of the service.



Q.16. What does a session entail?

We use your report to prioritise the areas you wish to start on.


If we are home staging we would ask if you want to begin with decluttering, organising and packing some items (getting ready to move), book in any additional services such as decorators, flooring fitters, plumbers or electricians if needed and then we can come back once works are complete to move onto the next steps.


We can suggest interior redesign ideas and places to buy items to suit your needs and the majority of ‘buyers’ desires too. It’s important to remember as much as you might love your home other people might need to have a few tweaks here and there to see it the same way you do.


If we are decluttering, organising and redesign use of spaces we use your report to decide your areas of focus. Strategies for implementing action points in the reports can involve: a system to declutter (described earlier in brief detail), systems to categorise items to keep, deciding where you want their new homes to be, finding or buying organisation systems (advice is given and links to items and places to purchase are included in your report, we can purchase these for you if agreed and paid for in advance with additional time costs added on), helping you to use the systems to their best advantage, ensure everything has a home in your home, redesign a space to create a calmer, more tranquil environment and plan revisits if you so wish (this can also be booked in advance at a later date).


Q.17. Will I be left with piles of stuff I have decided I no longer need in my home?

We will ensure you have an ‘exit plan’ for anything you’ve decided you no longer wish to have in your home from re-gifting, donating, rehoming, recycling, selling or throwing away. As discussed above we can help you with some areas of this or provide information of tradespeople or local council resources. On our next visit we will hold you accountable for the things you have agreed to do between our sessions. If you struggle to complete anything we have agreed please contact us with plenty of time (at least 5 working days) and we can come up with alternative suggestions (these may incur an additional cost(s)).


Q.18. What if I become emotional during our sessions?

We know that decisions on personal items can be both mentally and physically draining for some people.  It is important for you to communicate to us throughout the sessions if you’re feeling overwhelmed. We can take breaks where you need them, to allow us to refuel, refresh and reflect on what we’ve achieved thus far. Once we’re refocused and energised we will continue to support you to achieve your goals for your home.


On some occasions clients can become emotional and might request if we can guide them to someone who specialises in emotional support whether it be for hoarding, grief counselling or another personal matter. We can provide contacts for you to make the right choice for you. Once ready a client can then book in further sessions and we can continue through their report/plan.


Q.19. Are you insured and DSB (used to be CRB) checked?

We are DSB checked and have Public Liability Insurance and Legal Cover Insurance.

We are also memembers of the Home Staging Association (HSA)


Other questions…

Any other questions you have that we haven’t covered we can discuss during your complementary consultation over the phone or via email.