• We are able to come to your home for consultaions as long as you or no one else you have been in contact with in the last 14 days has symptoms of COVID-19. We have the correct PPE and would respect the 2m social distancing rules (we are aware this has been reduced to 1m+ if 2m is not possible but we feel 2m is possible and safest for all.

  • We are still offering  VIRTUAL SUPPORT and CONSULTATIONS via ZOOM and can still provide detailled PROJECT PLANS via email. We understand some people prefer this service due to the currrent climate.

  • Video links will enable us to help you declutter and organise and offer bespoke strategies to suit you.

  • The team are taking this current crisis very seriously and are equipped to help you use this time at home for something productive and bring something positive to your day if we can.

  • People's wellbeing and mental health are of such importance at the moment. If we stay in where we can, work on ourselves and our homes (let's face it that's where we are spending 99% of our time now unless we are at work) we will have the best chance of getting through this together.

  • We can help enable you to achieve your home goals and enjoy your time in it, as much as possible throughout this difficult period.