I trained as a Primary School Teacher in 2003 and have taught for over a decade.

I love working with children and helping them reach their potential. This passion for helping others led me to launch my own successful business in 2013.

I am lucky that I have careers I love, work is a pleasure as it provides me opportunities to utilise my vast skill set in many different ways. Like they say, find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life!

My business demonstrates my creativity, shows my flare for design, my ability to select timeless pieces and shows an aptitude for colour combinations. Most importantly my client’s describe me as understanding, empathetic, hardworking and an excellent listener with infectious motivation.


As a business owner, teacher and Mum I have to be incredibly well organised. On a daily basis I need to plan ahead, strategise and regularly evaluate and adjust my plans accordingly.

I am able to work well within a team, lead others and work independently where needed. This really benefits home organisation as clients need someone who can gently guide them through the process of decluttering and create organisation solutions that work for them day-to-day. Where needed, I can independently redesign spaces and areas of the home to maximise their full potential in terms of astectic appeal and functionality. 

I believe sharing is caring, so I show others how to apply the skills I have acquired across my careers to their homes.

I aim to create a sense of balance; calm; mindfulness and productivity into every client’s home I’m invited to revitalise. 


As a self-motivated, driven and caring person I am very passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

I believe that a tidy house leads to a calmer and happier mind, which in turn allows you to direct your energy and time to the things that truly give you pleasure in life.

I thrive on seeing clutter; strategising ways I can; organise; reduce; repurpose and re home things.

I’m dedicated to sharing my techniques, time-efficient organisation solutions and redesign ideas to allow a home to reveal its potential.


If you are ready to commit to a change, creating balance and calm in your home please get in touch for a consultation.

We will work together to set achievable goals that will positively impact your home life. 



We have many happy clients who in their own words say we have transformed their lives and they are so glad they took the leap of faith and contacted us.

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We have transformed many homes and subsequently our client’s lives through our services. Click on the button to view a few of them.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and our clients. We do not share your details with other companies unless you directly ask us to (such as making requested links to recommended tradespeople).  

We ensure we have your permission before taking any photos or posting anything on our social media platforms. Some clients do not wish to share their journeys with others, we respect this, it’s your journey to complete your way.

We follow all GDPR guidelines for handling your personal data.

For us to be successful we ask you to complete client questionnaires during our consultation process. These give us a good insight into how you currently run your home by asking questions about how you currently organise, what you think works well in your home and what is causing you stress. We use these questions along with our discussions during home visits to create a bespoke plan tailored to your requirements.